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Chairperson Susumu Miyata visits Beijing!!

国際交流 |2012年09月28日

Chairperson Susumu Miyata visited Beijing to attend the “Chinese Government Friendship Award Ceremony” on 27th Sep. 2012.
He invited his old friends of Peking University School of Stomatology (PUSS) to the dinner at the hotel in Beijing to deepen friendship relations.
“It is important to continue to maintain old friendship and keep exchange relationship in a civil manner in any circumstances.”, Chairperson Susumu Miyata told.
He has been supporting dental clinic education hardly in China. Asahi University sent students to PUSS in Aug. 2012 and received students from PUSS in Sep. 2012. In this way, both univeisty’s students deepen their friendship that has been taken cover since the academic agreement fastened.
This is also one of Chairperson Susumu Miyata’s educational principle.
He will attend the “2012 Friendship Award Ceremony” held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on 28th Sep. 2012.

reported by Corporate Counsellors Jun Miyata from Beijing, China.

Chairperson Susumu Miyata who makes an address (middle)

Letter of appreciation with 3 univerisites symbolic marks for Chairperson Susumu Miyata from PUSS

With old friends in PUSS from left side in the front row ; Prof. Yu Shifeng, Chairperson Miyata’s spouse, Chairperson Susumu Miyata, Honorary Dean Prof. Zhang Zhenkang, Former Dean Prof. Wang Yuzhi, Former Dean Prof. Yu Guangyan, from left side in the back row ; Vice Dean Prof. Zhang Wei, Vice Dean Prof. Li Tiejun, Corporate Cousellors Jun Miyata, Prof. Jin Changwei, Ms. Song Daiying