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50th Anniversary of University Foundation

国際交流 |2021年04月15日

   In 1971, we began our journey as Gifu Dental University in Hozumi, Gifu Prefecture. In 1985, the school grew with the addition of the Faculty of Business Administration. This dawning of a new era in our history was heralded with a change of name, Asahi University. We have continued to grow and have reached many new milestones, but we have always stayed on the path laid out for us by the founder of the university, Dr. Keizaburo Miyata. Dr Miyata, a dentist and a business person, built the university on a foundation of intellectual pursuit and a commitment to fostering harmonious individuals dedicated to the betterment of society.

   Confronted with the hardships and suffering brought about by the COVID-19 infections, a historical calamity, what should be our response? One historian says that compassion, generosity, and wisdom are needed in order to endure and create a better world. Holding to these three principles is also crucial for us; medical professionals, as we continue our fight against COVID-19.

“The future is full of challenges.”

   This message left by our founder still shines brightly; a beacon that continues to guide us. Asahi University imparts the following words to our graduates every year. “Human beings should be enriched through interdisciplinary and international lifelong learning and research activities no matter what their specialties may be.”

   We would like to thank all the graduates, undergraduates, faculty and staff, companies / organizations in cooperation with us, and local communities who have supported us in our 50th founding anniversary. Know that Asahi University will continue to devote itself to excellence and innovation in education, research, and medical care.


January, 2021

Chairman Jun Miyata

President Katsuyuki Ohtomo